Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Towards a goal ~ achieavable?

Been working out in the gym for around 3 months and trying hard to push myself and motivating myself to go the extra mile. Now looking back at myself in front of the mirror, am asking myself is there improvement or changes? A little perhaps hmm maybe none at all.

Working out three times a week; is that sufficient? Another 3 months to my big day, hope to see better results by then. Need to work more harder to reach my goal. Would be ideal if I could reach the one in the picture but that would take ????? gosh, how long would that be looking at the devotion I put when I work out.

I was told that body building is all about building and cutting hence his recipe for me;

1. Protein requirement : 1.5 grams / lb body weight

2. Meal frequency : Protein Requirement / 40

= No of meal per day

3. Carbo 1.5 grams / lb body weight

* Half of daily carbo need to be taken in

i) Breakfast ------- Low GI

ii) Post workout meal ------- Hi GI

4. Fibres : 20 grams during lunch and dinner respectively.

That's about it. Simple but hard to maintain but will try my very best to follow it (think I have to bring out my little weighing machine the next time I go out eating, LOL)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Apple that talk

BS and I got ourselves our first iPhone a few days back signed up with Digi (telco provider). We had breakfast with Wolf and Cub at Coffee Connexion near Atria, Damansara Jaya. After that, we headed down to One Utama where the iPhone road show is which is also the venue for us to collect our phones.

Digi had a very well organized road show compare to Maxis when they first launch the iPhone (chaos). Digi had proper counters set up with sufficient manpower to run the show (good one, as ppl nowadays doesn't like to wait in long lines).

Since we were the early birds, the whole process lasted about half an hour for us to get the phone. There were different packages to choose from (RM88, RM138 and RM238 plan ~ took quite a long time for me to choose) and it come with a yellow casing (Digi mah). After putting it on, it's like apple with a yellow skin (hehehe).

BS put it, we are now part of the "finger apple man" (now that gave me a smile). It was open to Digi customers who pre-ordered the phone early. It is now open to public. For those who are interested, do check out the different plans, I am sure there is one for everyone.
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