Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sample Itinerary ~ After much procrastination on it (Taiwan)

Initially, I didn’t specifically choose Taiwan to be our holiday destination. In fact, I didn’t know where to go.

BS has been to Taiwan twice and told me load of stories, which sparked my interest about the island and coincidently AirAsia was having a promo (return at RM581.50 per person) and that initiated the trip.

The trip is coming near and the itineray is still no where complete. I have visited a few sites for information but still I couldn't get it organised. Maybe it's my character, goes with the flow and tend to do what I like on that particular day.

BS kept reminding me about the itinerary now and then and I kept procrastinating on it. It's right of BS to insist on the itinerary as it will certainly help in terms of saving time and cost when we are there.

Took some time and re-visited a few sites before I came out with the following itinerary. Most of the information I have obtained from http://kampungboycitygal.com/ , http://adamsmode.blogspot.com/ , http://taipeihostel.blogspot.com/ and http://jy-s.com/category/travel/taiwan/ .

Day 1 (Thursday)
- Arrival
- Shilin Night Market

Day 2 (Fri)

- Danshui
- Beitou
- Fisherman's Wharf
- Taipei Metro Mall

Day 3 (Sat)

- National Palace Museum
- Lunch at P.S. Bubu
- Shopping at Tienmu
- Shinkong Mitsukoshi
- Ximending
- Dinner at Modern Toilet Restaurant

Day 4 (Sun)
- Hualien

Day 5 (Mon)
- Din Tai Fung at Xinyi Rd
- Ice Monster at Yongkang St
- Taipei 101
- New York New York, Eslite Bookstore
- Wufenpu
- Raohe Night Market

Day 6 (Tue)
- Yehliu
- Jiufen
- Jinguashi
- Keelung (Miaokou Night Market)

Day 7 (Wed)
Home Sweet Home

Monday, August 9, 2010

Krabi Island - Time to go home


Had my breakfast and got me a cab to the airport. Before that I took some time to walk around the hotel, thanking some of the staffs there who has helped me with my stay.
Here I am, patiently waiting for my flight back. I look darn tired and tanned after a few days under the sun but it was a great escape for me. The whole idea of travelling alone wasn't that bad after all. I do have all the time to myself. I go as I please and stop if I want to.

My flight was delayed for 1 hour due to a storm outside. Arrived KLIA and took the train down to KL Sentral. It was great to see BS waiting for me.

Krabi Island - Day 4


What a night. I was drinking beer as if they were made of water. Gosh, luckily I didn't wake up with a headache. Although I was tired, I was determine to hit the beach after brunch.

I cruised along the beach, enjoying the wind blowing against my face. The sound and waves splashing on my feet were so relaxing. I could walked on and on.

I was tempted to try out but I didn't. I do not hope to injured anyone during the process :P

Spend the rest of my afternoon by beach. Had a few round of fruit juice. I never experienced this kind of relaxation back home.

I went back to my room after dinner. Slowly pack up my things. Can't beleive I am going back the next day. Felt like I just reach.

Krabi Island - 3


By the time I woke up, it was already the third day of my trip. Whoa, the island hopping really drained all the energy in me. Thought of having a short rest but ended up sleeping thru the night.

I was worried when I saw the van waiting downstairs already. It seems I was not the last one, thank goodness. I got myself a leisure tour around the island for my third day.
I would like to introduce our guide Ms Pai. The first thing she said, "Dear all, please do not be alarm with my apperance. I may look different but I am good with what I am doing".
Er er er, how can I comment. . . .

Our first stop is the temple. I wasn't paying attention to her when she was explaning. One of the reason was I couldn't make out most of the words she said. Most of the time she was flirting around with the French tourists.
So I just went on and took photos.
Behing are the stairs leading to a hill behind the temple.
Huff and Puff . . . . . Nah, I stayed back :P
Little Buddha's all the way up the hill
That's a grumpy one.

We drag a bit longer here at the temple because some were still not back yet from the hill top. Next is lunch nearby the hot spring area.
Here, our Diva explaining the benefit of the hot spring.
We went in for a dip for about 10 minutes before moving on to the next spot, Emerald Pool.
Map ~ Nature Trails
Yurp, Emerald Pool this is. Nothing to wow.

A few tourists and I didn't join the Elephant Tracking, the final activity for the tour. We opted to go back into town.

After a day of activity, I needed something to cool down.
Yurp, a cold beer will do. Since I didn't get a chance to walk about the night before, I decided to head out to Aonang street after that.

Goodness me, the crowd here in the evening is totally different during the day. I decided not to take my camera out because I had earlier planned to have a free day on my fourth day so I am going to drink to my maximum at the local bar.
Yum Seng!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Krabi Island ~ 2


Woke up with a hungry tummy. Headed down to the cafeteria for my complimentary breakfast. After that, a van picked me up and drop me off at the jetty together with other tourist.

We got on the speedboat and this marks the start of our tour.

I picked a spot at the very front of the speedboat so that I can get a better view. I am not sure what speed we were going at but I know it's fast. It was bumpy and windy with sea water splashing around. 
Pass by Chicken Island
We reach our first destination for snorkeling. We stopped for about 20 minutes here.For those who prefer to stay dry waited on the boat and fed the fishes with white bread. 

Love this view
Pretty fish

We continue on and stopped for a brief visit at some caves (sorry, i forgot the name) and were told that the caves here were inhabited by pirates a long time ago. 
Here we passed by a famous spot where Leonardo did a shooting for one of his film. 
Maya Bay
We stopped for about an hour in Maya Bay. There were a lot of tourist here. Felt like I was in Tanjung Bungah. Kid running around, splashing around. I picked a spot and sat there admiring the view with the disturbance of others. 
Spicy but tasty
My mates from the same speed boat
Long tail boats
We proceed to another island nearby for lunch. The tour does include lunch but don't expect something fancy and if one can't take spicy food, there are shops on the island that sell breads and some non-spicy food. After lunch, I strolled for a while and notice there were a few shops operated by foreigners on Deep Sea Diving certification. The pricing sure is much lower compared to those back at home.  
White sands and green trees all around.
Shame, some tourist doesn't know how to read.
This does worried me for a while :P
Our last stop, Bamboo Island. I didn't really understand why it was given that name since I do not see any bamboos on the island. Is it because the only color that one see here is green? But it was a great spot to relax by walking further into the island, away from the beach. A spot under the tree, ........ I doze off and was awaken by my guide that we are to leave.

Looking over ocean, I saw a storm brewing up. The storm came before we reach mainland, too bad I couldn't take any pictures (damn, if only I had a water proof camera). Since I picked the spot at the very front from the very start of the tour, I do not have a roof to cover me from the rain. The view and experience with the rain was something extraordinary.

Wet and tired by the time I reached my hotel, washed up and took a rest. . . .ZZZZzZZzzzZZZzzz

Friday, August 6, 2010

Krabi Island ~ 1

Krabi, Oct 2009. 5 days 4 nights.
Air Asia, cost RM 118 return tickets.
(booked the trip 6 months ahead).


It was my first solo trip overseas if I don't count Singapore. I was quite scared thinking about it but I tried my best to my more research on the Internet and when the day came nearer I got more excited and the fear just fade away. 

I reached Krabi on Oct 27, check out from immigration and walked out to the main road and hopped on a bus. It took about 30 - 40 minutes or a bit longer to reach Aonang beach. It is one of the most developed area and it is also where most of the tourists gather. But the action only happens at night, during the day the whole street is basically empty.
Aonang on my right

Aonang on left

I stayed at the Golden Beach Resort. I made my reservation through Agoda.com and landed myself with a 3 +1 promotion for the price of $129.62, including breakfast.
I was amazed when I went into my room. I was given a king size bed, how nice if I was there with someone I loved. Without wasting any time, I change into something comfortable and went to the nearest Tourist Information to check out their local tour packages. 
Tourist Information Booth can be located easily anywhere on the island.
Remember, you can always bargain for a better price. By the time I was done selecting it was already evening. Decided to get an early dinner and have an early rest. I have selected island hopping as my first activity the next day. Can't wait for it as it will be my first time riding on a speed boat.
The beach in front of Golden Beach Resort ~ evening view
Long tail boat along Aonang beach ~ evening view

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