Monday, October 25, 2010

They are two weeks old now!!!

What a joy it was to see them sliding their way towards you. It's 2 weeks since Lizzie gave birth to her two precious babies; click here to see that wonderful day.

She is doing great and a very caring mother she is. She gets restless everytime we move her babies and will be standing on her two legs (should have taken that picture).
The notty one...
The shy and manja one...
Haha, yurp ~ this is how they sleep!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Green Green Update

In one of my post (Some greens within a tiny space @ 6-3-12 ), I mentioned that there were some leakage in the pot where I planted my Water Lily. I replaced it with an aquarium that I got from The Pet Safari @ Ikano Power Center, Petaling Jaya.

Why an aquarium instead of a ceramic pot? . . . 100% sure it won’t leak ~ LOL ~ besides that, it looks nicer :-)

It has been a week since the transfer of my water lily from the leaking pot to the aquarium. Think they are  happy with their new home. Lots of new leaves and I can see the bud at the bottom; really hope to see it bloom soon.
My other plants are growing well despite the small space. I am hoping the morning sunlight between 8:00am to 12:00pm is sufficient.

A few days back, the weather was so warm and it affected some of my plants. I watered and put them at a more cooling space. They are better now. I am a bit worried now, since I am going away for a week to Taiwan. I do need to come up with a plan and get help from my friends to come over and tend to their needs while I am away.
The leaking pot, I used it for my money plants. Instead of doing it away, right.
It is already a month and they are becoming part of my life, very interesting. They greet me day and night, and seeing them grow has been very rewarding.

hot 6th Anniversary Party!

hot is turning SIX this year and we’re gearing up for the biggest and hottest party ever!

Turning up the heat with us, is our gorgeous host- Hunny Madu, and we would be dancing to tunes by Altimet, Prema Yin and more!

Don’t miss this, because at this birthday bash we’re on a giving spree! Be the first 500 to the door to receive a goodie bag; and if we think you are really hot, you could win our hottie of The Night award which ha...s loads of fabulous prizes. And the giving just doesn’t stop, because we have loads of lucky draw prizes to give away! Most of all, we want you to look absolutely hot and to enjoy yourselves at our birthday, so we have prepared free professional hairstyling and manicure services at the door!

Unless you want to miss this (and why would you?), join us at the Ministry of Sound, Euphoria @ Sunway Lagoon Resort on October 15 (Friday) at 7pm!

OH WAIT! We’re also on the lookout for hot’s BIGGEST FAN!

You don’t have to be the incredible “Hulk” or Wonder Woman, just be crazy about hot magazine, so that we have a good excuse to give you a 3D/2N holiday in Langkawi and feature you in hot!

All you have to do is:
1) Take a pic of yourself with at least an issue of hot 155, 156 or 157.
2) E-mail it to with your name, IC and contact number
3) And wait for us to call you!

*To get your passes to the event, just go to this link to get your passes now!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Disconnect to Connect!!!

I believe most of us have been thru that situation. Time to put down the gadget and have a good look around us. There are more important things in life;

"Our loved ones deserve our attention; Our friends deserves our respectOur family deserves our time"

Remember, don't let gadgets rule. It is our loved ones, family and friends that make our life whole and meaningful.
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