Monday, October 25, 2010

They are two weeks old now!!!

What a joy it was to see them sliding their way towards you. It's 2 weeks since Lizzie gave birth to her two precious babies; click here to see that wonderful day.

She is doing great and a very caring mother she is. She gets restless everytime we move her babies and will be standing on her two legs (should have taken that picture).
The notty one...
The shy and manja one...
Haha, yurp ~ this is how they sleep!!!


  1. jason: the color will change a bit when they grow older.

    ronnie: yurp, two only this round...

  2. They are really cute. Are they for sale? Who is their father?

  3. thank you, my mum will be giving them ~ only to good homes and in return an ang pow together with a packet of sugar (chinese, hehehe)

    the father, you can see him in one of earlier posting @

  4. OMG the 3rd pic is priceless!!!!

  5. hehehe, yeah ~ will try to snap more and share :)

  6. Ah...they're so cute! Can I have one? *Puppy eyes* xD


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