Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Night ~ Camby Trip

After a day of city touring we decided we will not be going anywhere for the night. We went down to bar and ordered our dinner (it did take quite a while for our dinner to arrived, but it's worth wait ~ was delicious).
Oh, did I mention that there was no electricity at the area. It did add on the romantice mood and after dinner we ordered a few round of drinks (very affordable). The bartender was a nice lady called Ah Lin and she has been very entertaining and informative. This is where we got to know "yum yum" means "a guy getting blow" so friends, please use the word wisely when travelling in Cambodia.

That's Ah Lin the Barternder and the a nice pic taken during the power outage.

I am not sure how many rounds we had but we had a great time. Enjoy every round of the drinks. BS had two rounds of Johny Walk double shot. I had Vodka and Pina colada. In between there were something else, can't really recall.

One word, ~~~~~ drunk ~~~~~ by the time we got back to our room.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A campy trip to Camby - Day 5

 March 7

City tour is our itenarary today. That includes the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, Russian Market, Killing Field, S1 prison and Wat Phonm.

The Royal Palace.We have to pay and entrance fee of 25000 Riel each. The palace is only used when there are a special occasions or when there is a coronation of a new king and queen. Following that will be the Silver Pagoda, can't take pictures in the pagoda but the interesting point is that the pagoda has 5000 tiles made of silver. (wow, amaze?? hmm)

Below pictuers were taken at S1 prison. This is another sad place where the prisoners are interogated and punished and tortured before taking them to the Killing Field where they will be laid to rest for good. I only took the pictures on the outer building. While in there we were supposed to be silent as respect to what has happened in the building but there are people who chatted all the way to the end (sigh).
Enough of sad stories, we had a fun time at the Russian Market by bargaining (hehehe). BS does have a way with girls, great pricing given every time he open his mouth ~ to bargain I mean :P ~. The market also have stalls that serve local foods.

LV, Gucci, Ferragamo . . . . all are vailable here. Imitations of course but if you know how to look and select you might be able to find one that can pass off as the original. Ladies, bring lots and lots of money if you intend to burt your luggage weight when going home.

Silks are plenty here, souveniers, T-Shirts ~ name it you got it. Gear up your bargain skills and enjoy ~ think my mum could spend one day here, no offence mum, I said it with love :)

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 4

March 5

Nothing much on the itenarary today. Our bus leaving at 12:30pm back to Phonm Penh. We decided to stay in. Had a nice breakfast at the resort, enjoyed the landscaping and back to the room where we rested and enjoyed Cartoon Network.

The trip back to Phonm Penh uses the same road when we came to Siam Reap. I slept most of the time during the journey. Half way back we stop at a rest area, I felt sad looking at a few kids playing by the road. They have this sad and lost look in their faces. I really do not know how to describe the feeling at that point in time. The world will be empty without kids smile, one of my thoughts.

I did get to see my sunset finally, not by the ruins but in the bus. Again it's my first sunset and by having BS there, no matter where the sunset is ~ the feeling is special.
We arrived quite late in Phonm Penh due to a bad jam and I thought KL jam was bad. We got ourselves checked in at California Guesthouse 2 (yes, california ~ not the gym ya). Both of us were hungry by then, dropping our bags in the room we went down for food hunting.

We passed by this new Night Market area and decided to survey it. There were so many small stalls and the crowds were sitting on mats having their food. We also did the same and again, same same ~ the food was delicious. Yum all the way.
After that we walk a bit exploring the area. The gueshouse we staying this time is by the riverbanks of Tonle Sap. It's a happening spot where all the pubs and restaurants are. Hehehe, we also came across KFC.
Getting late and we have a ctiy tour tomorrow. That will be Day 5 of our trip.

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 3 ~ Part 2

After a day of temple exploring BS and I were totally exhausted. By the time we hit our rooms the only place we want to be is on the bed. Took a nap and went for a nice swim ~ having the whole pool for ourselves. We decided that we will go back to the old market area where pub street is located for our dinner.

To start off we had a few rounds of beer and I had a delicious pumpkin dessert. It's made of egg, rice bubble and coconut cream and my goodness it's damn delicious.

Later in the evening we dine at Red Piano, the restaurant where Angelina Jolie appeared in Tomb Raider. The Red Piano is strategically located at the corner of Pub Street. It's a two storey shop and from upstairs we could get a see the hawkers stall doing busniess right across the street and to the other side we could see what's happening below Pub Street.

They not only serve western but local Khmer food as well. And their staff are very attentive to every table, ensuring foods and service is at the best. Ganbateh!!!

There is simply too many restaurants around that's worth visiting but our tummy doesn't allow us to do so. There is this famous pastry place called Blue Pumpkin, road side hawker stalls and many more. Will defintely make another visit with food being the reason (hahaha).
Beside food and drinks, the area also have a lot of souvenier shops (remember to bargain n bargain n bargain). Not far from Pub Street there is this Night Market worth exploring.

We end the night with a full tummy and sore legs. Time to hit the sack and get ready for Day 4 which is . . . . stay tune :)

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 3 ~ Part 1

March 5

We started early @ about 4:30am on the thrird day of our trip. Went to the receptionist to collect our complimentary breakfast box (have arranged it the night before). Our "Tuk Tuk" driver, Mr Supjie was already waiting for us. It was cooling and the air is so clear. We sat quietly till we reached the ticketing counter to purchase our tickets ($20 for one day visit, $40 for 3 days visit and $60 for 6 days visit).

First stop was, Srah Srang to view sunrise. The place was still pitched black when we arrived. Luckily I have my torchlight with me (hehehe). We sat by the stone steps and waited patiently. Slowly we saw changes in the sky. It was my first time viewing a sunrise and I am quite excited about it and having BS around made it more special. Most of the sunrise pictures was taken by BS with his Sony 380 DLSR. I only took two sunrise pictures with my digital camera (the images were not that nice).

We spent about 45 minutes there before heading to Ta Prom, our second destination. The place where the famous Tomb Raider tree is and where Angelina Jolie picked a jasmine flower before falling through the earth. The place is definitely worth visiting for all. The scene of the ruins being swallowed up the jungle are just amazing.
After enjoying the atmospheric ruin we then head down to Bayon. On the way, we pass by three ruins. Two of them situated directly opposite each other. We ask the driver to stop and down we went to explore!!!

Ta Keo
Chau Say Tevoda
After spending around 15 minutes on the small ruins we then get back on the road heading towards Bayon. On our way in, we stop by to visit Terrace of the Leper King, Terrace of Elephants ~ what a view standing at the top and Phimenakas ~ the royal palace. Baphuon was under restoration process so we couldn't get in to get a closer look.
From far Bayon doesn't look impressive at all but that changes when we got nearer. The structure was amazing. Such details put in to building it.
After Bayon we had lunch at a nearby stall before heading to Angkor Wat. I was so surprised that Angkor Wat is so big, it's like a fortress with big river circling it. Below is the only picture I could take before my camera ran out of battery ~ sob sob. Luckily BS's camera still have a few more hours before failing.
After exploring Angkor Wat we were too exhausted and tired to visit our last stop, Phnom Bakheng for sunset. We got on our "Tuk Tuk" and ask the driver please send us back to the resort. Sunset will have to wait ~

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 2

March 4

Got ourselves a bus ticket with Captiol Tour @ $4.50 each (air condition). Head up to Siam Reap @ 7:30am (6 hour ride).
We passed by a few villages along the way. Kampong Thom being one of them is the second largest province in Cambodia but it has been a travellers stop for a bite to eat. Maybe because it's situated right in the middle of NH6 highway midway between Phonm Penh and Siam Reap.

By the time we reached Siam Reap it was already 1:00pm plus and without delay we quickly get a "Tuk Tuk" and head towards our resort. I was so happy to see the her standing there, a very nicely built up resort with a nice environment ~ The Lotus Resort & Spa. The staffs were very friendly and helpful. We were greeted with "smiles". Good choice BS and thank goodness I listened to you on this.
Took some time to freshen up and went exploring around the resort and by 5:00pm plus we decided to head down town for our dinner and a bit of sight seeing. Our "Tuk Tuk" driver for the evening is called Mr Monk (he does have clean shaved head ~ hehehe). He brought us to the Old Market in Street 9 where we had our first taste of local food. And yes, it's delicous, yum (do not use "yum yum", will expain later why).

After that we walk around the area and found "Pub Street", definitely was one of our most fequent visit street for the evening, why? hehehe (psss, draft beer at $0.50 all day long).
At about 8:00pm plus we decided to head back and to get an early rest. We will be heading into Angkor at 4:40am the next day to get a view of the sunrise.

Night night, zzzzzz

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 1

A bright sunny day to start the day at work. Yurp, we are back from our Cambodia trip. We had a great and enjoyable time there.

March 3 ~ Phonm Penh

My good friend Wolf came and fetches BS and me to Kelana Jaya LRT station on March 3. From there we took a transit bus to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). There were a few changes at the terminal since our last visit. The check in system and luggage deposit place was different. We were confused at first but then we manage to get it sorted out.

Another thing was we were not aware that by Jan 2010, AirAsia only allowed one hand carry luggage with the max weight of 7kg. Anything more than that have to be checked in. The whole ordeal did create some tension but BS kept his best to cheer up (thank you).

NOTE: please buy the luggage fees when doing your AirAsia booking, it will be a lot cheaper and save time.

Plane took off at 3:45pm (a delay of 1/2 hour, as expected from AirAsia). The flight took 1 hour 45 minutes. ~ BS looks cool with a book in his hand (hugs)

We arrived in Phonm Penh International Airport and straight got ourselves a "Tuk Tuk" for $7. We checked in at Capitol Guesthouse. Since we are only staying for one night only we opted for a room without air cond at $7. Don't expect a fancy set up but it's good enough for a good night rest.
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