Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Night ~ Camby Trip

After a day of city touring we decided we will not be going anywhere for the night. We went down to bar and ordered our dinner (it did take quite a while for our dinner to arrived, but it's worth wait ~ was delicious).
Oh, did I mention that there was no electricity at the area. It did add on the romantice mood and after dinner we ordered a few round of drinks (very affordable). The bartender was a nice lady called Ah Lin and she has been very entertaining and informative. This is where we got to know "yum yum" means "a guy getting blow" so friends, please use the word wisely when travelling in Cambodia.

That's Ah Lin the Barternder and the a nice pic taken during the power outage.

I am not sure how many rounds we had but we had a great time. Enjoy every round of the drinks. BS had two rounds of Johny Walk double shot. I had Vodka and Pina colada. In between there were something else, can't really recall.

One word, ~~~~~ drunk ~~~~~ by the time we got back to our room.

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