Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 1

A bright sunny day to start the day at work. Yurp, we are back from our Cambodia trip. We had a great and enjoyable time there.

March 3 ~ Phonm Penh

My good friend Wolf came and fetches BS and me to Kelana Jaya LRT station on March 3. From there we took a transit bus to LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal). There were a few changes at the terminal since our last visit. The check in system and luggage deposit place was different. We were confused at first but then we manage to get it sorted out.

Another thing was we were not aware that by Jan 2010, AirAsia only allowed one hand carry luggage with the max weight of 7kg. Anything more than that have to be checked in. The whole ordeal did create some tension but BS kept his best to cheer up (thank you).

NOTE: please buy the luggage fees when doing your AirAsia booking, it will be a lot cheaper and save time.

Plane took off at 3:45pm (a delay of 1/2 hour, as expected from AirAsia). The flight took 1 hour 45 minutes. ~ BS looks cool with a book in his hand (hugs)

We arrived in Phonm Penh International Airport and straight got ourselves a "Tuk Tuk" for $7. We checked in at Capitol Guesthouse. Since we are only staying for one night only we opted for a room without air cond at $7. Don't expect a fancy set up but it's good enough for a good night rest.

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