Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 3 ~ Part 2

After a day of temple exploring BS and I were totally exhausted. By the time we hit our rooms the only place we want to be is on the bed. Took a nap and went for a nice swim ~ having the whole pool for ourselves. We decided that we will go back to the old market area where pub street is located for our dinner.

To start off we had a few rounds of beer and I had a delicious pumpkin dessert. It's made of egg, rice bubble and coconut cream and my goodness it's damn delicious.

Later in the evening we dine at Red Piano, the restaurant where Angelina Jolie appeared in Tomb Raider. The Red Piano is strategically located at the corner of Pub Street. It's a two storey shop and from upstairs we could get a see the hawkers stall doing busniess right across the street and to the other side we could see what's happening below Pub Street.

They not only serve western but local Khmer food as well. And their staff are very attentive to every table, ensuring foods and service is at the best. Ganbateh!!!

There is simply too many restaurants around that's worth visiting but our tummy doesn't allow us to do so. There is this famous pastry place called Blue Pumpkin, road side hawker stalls and many more. Will defintely make another visit with food being the reason (hahaha).
Beside food and drinks, the area also have a lot of souvenier shops (remember to bargain n bargain n bargain). Not far from Pub Street there is this Night Market worth exploring.

We end the night with a full tummy and sore legs. Time to hit the sack and get ready for Day 4 which is . . . . stay tune :)

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