Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A campy trip to Camby ~ Day 4

March 5

Nothing much on the itenarary today. Our bus leaving at 12:30pm back to Phonm Penh. We decided to stay in. Had a nice breakfast at the resort, enjoyed the landscaping and back to the room where we rested and enjoyed Cartoon Network.

The trip back to Phonm Penh uses the same road when we came to Siam Reap. I slept most of the time during the journey. Half way back we stop at a rest area, I felt sad looking at a few kids playing by the road. They have this sad and lost look in their faces. I really do not know how to describe the feeling at that point in time. The world will be empty without kids smile, one of my thoughts.

I did get to see my sunset finally, not by the ruins but in the bus. Again it's my first sunset and by having BS there, no matter where the sunset is ~ the feeling is special.
We arrived quite late in Phonm Penh due to a bad jam and I thought KL jam was bad. We got ourselves checked in at California Guesthouse 2 (yes, california ~ not the gym ya). Both of us were hungry by then, dropping our bags in the room we went down for food hunting.

We passed by this new Night Market area and decided to survey it. There were so many small stalls and the crowds were sitting on mats having their food. We also did the same and again, same same ~ the food was delicious. Yum all the way.
After that we walk a bit exploring the area. The gueshouse we staying this time is by the riverbanks of Tonle Sap. It's a happening spot where all the pubs and restaurants are. Hehehe, we also came across KFC.
Getting late and we have a ctiy tour tomorrow. That will be Day 5 of our trip.

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