Monday, November 29, 2010

Taiwan - Last Day

We woke up early and did another round of check, don't want to leave anything behind. Not that I can return to pick it up the next day :P

It has been an interesting trip and we enjoyed everyday despite the rain and gloomy weather.

The following our itinerary for a 7 days 6 nights trip to Taiwan.

Day 7 - Back to Malaysia

We were dead tired by the time we reached home (how I wished I tooked the whole week off and extended our stay in Taiwan).
Some of the goodies we brought back from Taiwan.
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes ~ love them. Two pairs? Not enough come to think of it now.

Taiwan - Day 6

It's time to be flowery. We visited the Taipei International Flora Expo (click on the link for more information).

I was a bit disappointed because there were not that many types of flower to see, given the name Flora Expo. Maybe it's just the begining, the expo will go on till April 2011. It will be spring by then, hopefully more flowers will be displayed.

Below are some of the pictures taken on the expo.
We didn't finish the whole expo. The place is just too big, no wonder they have unlimitted tickets that allowed visitors to come back again some other time.

We have a dinner appointment with BS friend, somewhere near Miramar. Before that, BS took me on a ride up a ferris wheel.
Before the ride, we had some fun cracking up "Thunder Egg". Hehehe, it's actually a rock where there are crystal formation inside. This shop have all types of crystals at a very affordable price. For those who believe in the power of the crystal, this is a shop you have to visit if you have the chance.
Here I am, worried if I could get it cut into half.
Hehehe, BS helped. Look, little crystals in it.
Don't you think it's a waste? It's being used as wall display.

After that, we met up with his friend who brought treated us dinner ~ Western Food.

A very nice lady she was, very funny and sporting too. We part ways after dinner. BS and I took a slow walk to the MRT station and calling it a day.

Tomorrow's our last day in Taipei and we have to get our things organised and packed. Immediately I felt a bit sad, that I am leaving such a nice country. There's so much I haven't see and visited. 

Bye Bye Taiwan ~ Last Day.

Taiwan - Day 5

I visited my colleague on the fifth day for lunch and BS will be meeting his friend for dinner on the sixth day of our trip.
She is the HR Business Partner for Unisys Taiwan. After lunch, she brought us to this shop that serves good coffee. Apparently, the shop was voted one of the top ten best coffee served in Taiwan in 2009.
The boy is picking out the bad coffee beans.
Mugs signed by celebrities who visited the shop.
This device will make music and LED lights flashing around when your drinks are ready.
We then went for a brief walk around the area while discussing on some office work.

Next stop, Taipei 101. I bet many have visited and read about Taipei 101 from other blogs and websites. I will share my pictures taken.
Got my ticket.
 The speed up was something to brag about but I won't go into the details of Taipei 101, I believe many of you would have gotten the information before reading my blog.

It's worth a visit and I sent a postcard from the tower. I choosed the night view because of personal reasons (more romantic :P).

We visted the Flora Expo and a ride on the Ferris Wheel on Taiwan - Day 6.

Taiwan - Day 4

To be honest, we didn't have a productive day (thanks to the weather).

We visited Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall (click for more information) as our first stop.
It started raining again and we went further into the event halls to kill time. There was an underwater themed event going on.

It was awareness event to show how important the sea is to us and how it need our helps to ensure underwater creatures will be able to survive.

We even participated in a mini game. We were given a treasure map and our goal is to fill up the numbered squares with stickers. Stickers are given out by the "Boat People".
And we have to find them because they float around the event halls (2 floors).
 I believe we completed the quest in about 45 minutes.
I sent a postcard back to mummy from the gift shop.

Sad to say it was still raining. There is no where we can go in that weather but back to hotel and that's where we head to for our second stop.

We re-visted Shilin Night Market (drizzle). The first round we came here was still early. Things really are different here at night.

It was a short day for us ~ sob sob but it doesn't matter. Time spent for resting during the afternoon did help us to gain back our energy used in the first few days.

Taipei 101 and a visit to Unisys Taiwan in Taiwan - Day 5.
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