Monday, November 29, 2010

Taiwan - Day 5

I visited my colleague on the fifth day for lunch and BS will be meeting his friend for dinner on the sixth day of our trip.
She is the HR Business Partner for Unisys Taiwan. After lunch, she brought us to this shop that serves good coffee. Apparently, the shop was voted one of the top ten best coffee served in Taiwan in 2009.
The boy is picking out the bad coffee beans.
Mugs signed by celebrities who visited the shop.
This device will make music and LED lights flashing around when your drinks are ready.
We then went for a brief walk around the area while discussing on some office work.

Next stop, Taipei 101. I bet many have visited and read about Taipei 101 from other blogs and websites. I will share my pictures taken.
Got my ticket.
 The speed up was something to brag about but I won't go into the details of Taipei 101, I believe many of you would have gotten the information before reading my blog.

It's worth a visit and I sent a postcard from the tower. I choosed the night view because of personal reasons (more romantic :P).

We visted the Flora Expo and a ride on the Ferris Wheel on Taiwan - Day 6.

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