Monday, November 29, 2010

Taiwan - Day 6

It's time to be flowery. We visited the Taipei International Flora Expo (click on the link for more information).

I was a bit disappointed because there were not that many types of flower to see, given the name Flora Expo. Maybe it's just the begining, the expo will go on till April 2011. It will be spring by then, hopefully more flowers will be displayed.

Below are some of the pictures taken on the expo.
We didn't finish the whole expo. The place is just too big, no wonder they have unlimitted tickets that allowed visitors to come back again some other time.

We have a dinner appointment with BS friend, somewhere near Miramar. Before that, BS took me on a ride up a ferris wheel.
Before the ride, we had some fun cracking up "Thunder Egg". Hehehe, it's actually a rock where there are crystal formation inside. This shop have all types of crystals at a very affordable price. For those who believe in the power of the crystal, this is a shop you have to visit if you have the chance.
Here I am, worried if I could get it cut into half.
Hehehe, BS helped. Look, little crystals in it.
Don't you think it's a waste? It's being used as wall display.

After that, we met up with his friend who brought treated us dinner ~ Western Food.

A very nice lady she was, very funny and sporting too. We part ways after dinner. BS and I took a slow walk to the MRT station and calling it a day.

Tomorrow's our last day in Taipei and we have to get our things organised and packed. Immediately I felt a bit sad, that I am leaving such a nice country. There's so much I haven't see and visited. 

Bye Bye Taiwan ~ Last Day.


  1. Wow, shiok, u manage to go the flora expo...My time, I just took a picture outside the entrance. Hehehe, we have a same photo with d lavender!

  2. yeah, we know that the flora expo will be there during our trip. we decided to make it part of our itinerary.


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