Friday, November 5, 2010

Taiwan - Day 2 - Part 1

Being a clumsy person, I trip and hurt my knee on my second day in Taiwan. It happen on the Mermaid Bridge in Danshui-Fisherman's Wharf, how romantic!!!
Wait, before I go on further, allow me to bring you back to the start of the day. We woke up to a cloudy morning (how I wished it would be sunny day). After breakfast, we took the MRT to Danshui. We boarded the MRT at Ximen station and stopped at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall station to get on the Danshui line.

We reached Danshui around 9:00am and started exploring.
Meet "Kapi", he stands guard at "83 Coffee".
Nougat Cake (click for more details)
They have six flavors; BS is helping himself to all.
The fishballs were fantastic; I can go down a bowl of rice with just the soup.
On the boat, heading to Mermaid Bridge, return ticket @ NT$100 per person.
Here it is, the Mermaid Bridge ~ this is where I trip and fell (sob sob).
Now this is interesting, it's actually a van cum boat. Wet or dry also no problem, hehehe
Guys only!!!
I didn't take much photos here as I was limping most of the time due to the pain (not much mood to go on). However, I did have a great time hunting for yummy food!!!
Don't ever miss this.. Deep fried squid...
Reminds me of Bangkok.
Dried beancurd
Ain't she a doll?

Food sampling is available from start of the street to the end. Tip: Do not throw away your toothpick, it will come in handy. You will encounter some of the delicacies again but there are some that don't. Happy sampling (grinning widely).

That is what I had for lunch ONLY and I haven't posted what I had for tea and dinner. For that, you will have to visit this page @ Taiwan - Day 2 - Part 2.

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