Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taiwan - Day 1

Yes, here we are in Taiwan. We touched down at 2:30pm and by the time we cleared immigration and the wait for our luggage (a dreadful wait it was), it's already 4:00pm plus.
Our flight, D7 2672
After 15 minutes waiting, our luggage are still no where to be seen.
 While waiting for our luggage to arrive, an immigration officer appear together with a beagle. A cute little fellow and his duty was to sniffed out dangerous and unwanted materials from visitors luggage. He managed to sniffed out a package of fruits from a lady visitor (she was supposed to declare it at the custom). He was given a dog biscuit as a reward for a job well done.

The little scene did help put our mind away from the long awaited luggage. After getting our luggage we immediately headed out to get a bus out to Taipei main station; from there we we took the MRT and stop at Ximending. It was only one stop from Taipei main station to Ximending.
This where we got the bus tickets - NT90
Keep the tickets as it's the only reference number you have to claim your luggage.
Here we are in the bus.
We checked in at Qstay Hotel. It was already 5:00pm by then. After a short rest, we head out in search for food in Ximending.
Oh yes, I just had to take a picture with it :P

We came out to this road after passing the red house.
I couldn't wait - I need to have them, hehehe!!!
I would love too but one will do BS, we have more food to hunt :)
Oyster Mee Sua with Sour Plum drink.
The greedy one.
Seriously, there are so many to see and so many shops to explore. I will defintely come back after tonight.
Food again, "bang chang kueh"
Small hotdogs, look small but comes with a great bang.
Too bad Halloween is over, :P (I just had to imagine "someone" wearing it)
After exploring for about 3 hours, we decided to stop at one of the local bars to have a drink. We had one round and came back as we have an early start tomorrow will start early, really can't wait to see what Danshui has to offer us.

Click here for the start of our trip >>> Taiwan - Day 2 - Part 1.


  1. Wow, fun trip! Really miss my time in Taiwan too. Have fun yo! Cheerios x)

  2. That's really fast of you to put up those post :) Enjoy yourself at Taiwan :)

  3. melmonica: yes, a nice place.

    zzanny: thank you.

    albert: i couldn't sleep and i wanted to share my 1st day experience, on the PC and start typing (it's complimentary by the hotel).

  4. Wow, nice photos of Taiwan! I love it! xD

  5. Thanks... More to come, sorting out the pics.


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