Friday, November 12, 2010

Taiwan Day 2 - Part 2

Our initial plan after visting Danshui was to Beitou, the plan was canceled due to the rain as well as my injured knee doesn't put me in the right condition to go for a hot spring dip. Instead of wasting time travelling back to hotel, we decided to move our Shilin Night Market visit up ~ I hesitate because it's still early and Shilin Night Market doesn't come alive till late evening (so I read from the Net). Anyway, we proceed and stop at Jiantan station.

REMINDER: Do not get off at Shilin Station unless you prefer a good walk before reaching Shilin Night Market.
This is how early we are at Shilin Night Market area.
The only shop that has a long line of customer.
We came across this shop that serves "Ice Kacang" - hehehe
Red Bean Ice

Mango Ice

Crab Meat Stew
Loko at that crab meat, together with slices of mushrooms ~ a hot meal great for a rainy day
 We maybe early but we did manage to locate something nice. After the nice warm meal of crab meats, we went back to Ximending and instead of going back to the hotel we went for a quick bite.

Beef noodles, BS had it and commented how tasty it was. Due to my religion I waited for him to finish.

Mister Donut - the lady didn't allowed me to take picturs but I manage to take this shot when she said NO, oppsss....
Mee Sue - the all time famous Ah Chung Mee Sua.
I just had to have one piece before we call it a day.
This we didn't try. . . but the ladies are all lining up for one, I wonder why?
I would love to snoop about some more but BS pestered me to back. With a sad face, I agreed. I hope I will not be limping all the way up to Jiufen tomorrow ~ click here, Taiwan Day 3 - Part 1.


  1. Wow, everywhere I see people are going for a holiday to Taiwan. I also wanna go!^^

    I heard it's a very nice place to go for a holiday because the people are friendly, the food is good and the scenery is breath-taking~ So nice! :D

  2. It was a good trip. Foods are all yummy. Should go during the warmer season, can take more scenery pictures.


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