Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A campy trip to Camby - Day 5

 March 7

City tour is our itenarary today. That includes the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, Russian Market, Killing Field, S1 prison and Wat Phonm.

The Royal Palace.We have to pay and entrance fee of 25000 Riel each. The palace is only used when there are a special occasions or when there is a coronation of a new king and queen. Following that will be the Silver Pagoda, can't take pictures in the pagoda but the interesting point is that the pagoda has 5000 tiles made of silver. (wow, amaze?? hmm)

Below pictuers were taken at S1 prison. This is another sad place where the prisoners are interogated and punished and tortured before taking them to the Killing Field where they will be laid to rest for good. I only took the pictures on the outer building. While in there we were supposed to be silent as respect to what has happened in the building but there are people who chatted all the way to the end (sigh).
Enough of sad stories, we had a fun time at the Russian Market by bargaining (hehehe). BS does have a way with girls, great pricing given every time he open his mouth ~ to bargain I mean :P ~. The market also have stalls that serve local foods.

LV, Gucci, Ferragamo . . . . all are vailable here. Imitations of course but if you know how to look and select you might be able to find one that can pass off as the original. Ladies, bring lots and lots of money if you intend to burt your luggage weight when going home.

Silks are plenty here, souveniers, T-Shirts ~ name it you got it. Gear up your bargain skills and enjoy ~ think my mum could spend one day here, no offence mum, I said it with love :)

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