Thursday, October 14, 2010

Green Green Update

In one of my post (Some greens within a tiny space @ 6-3-12 ), I mentioned that there were some leakage in the pot where I planted my Water Lily. I replaced it with an aquarium that I got from The Pet Safari @ Ikano Power Center, Petaling Jaya.

Why an aquarium instead of a ceramic pot? . . . 100% sure it won’t leak ~ LOL ~ besides that, it looks nicer :-)

It has been a week since the transfer of my water lily from the leaking pot to the aquarium. Think they are  happy with their new home. Lots of new leaves and I can see the bud at the bottom; really hope to see it bloom soon.
My other plants are growing well despite the small space. I am hoping the morning sunlight between 8:00am to 12:00pm is sufficient.

A few days back, the weather was so warm and it affected some of my plants. I watered and put them at a more cooling space. They are better now. I am a bit worried now, since I am going away for a week to Taiwan. I do need to come up with a plan and get help from my friends to come over and tend to their needs while I am away.
The leaking pot, I used it for my money plants. Instead of doing it away, right.
It is already a month and they are becoming part of my life, very interesting. They greet me day and night, and seeing them grow has been very rewarding.


  1. Using an aquarium is a great idea! Do you use the water lily pellet fertilizer? That will help. In addition, it is good to add cold water daily till it overflows.Hope it bloom soon.

    As for money plant in a leaking pot, it sounded like money leaking... Hehe...

  2. thanks. i am not using any pellet fertilizer. i am practising the adding of water tip :)

    haha, leak back into my house via the's not leaking actually but water seeps out if when i use it to hold not experiencing that now with my money plants in it :)

  3. Wow, you have green fingers!^^ You're an eco-friendly person~ *I likey* xD

  4. thank you ~ i hope you are right :)


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