Monday, August 9, 2010

Krabi Island - Time to go home


Had my breakfast and got me a cab to the airport. Before that I took some time to walk around the hotel, thanking some of the staffs there who has helped me with my stay.
Here I am, patiently waiting for my flight back. I look darn tired and tanned after a few days under the sun but it was a great escape for me. The whole idea of travelling alone wasn't that bad after all. I do have all the time to myself. I go as I please and stop if I want to.

My flight was delayed for 1 hour due to a storm outside. Arrived KLIA and took the train down to KL Sentral. It was great to see BS waiting for me.


  1. Thanks for visiting my post Ultraman.... hehe you can only be my brother from the picture of u now!! Are you interested in Ultraman too ?

  2. hey big bro (dont mind one since i am eldest in my family) :)
    ever since young bro. . . ultra was there when i in kindy :)


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