Friday, August 6, 2010

Krabi Island ~ 1

Krabi, Oct 2009. 5 days 4 nights.
Air Asia, cost RM 118 return tickets.
(booked the trip 6 months ahead).


It was my first solo trip overseas if I don't count Singapore. I was quite scared thinking about it but I tried my best to my more research on the Internet and when the day came nearer I got more excited and the fear just fade away. 

I reached Krabi on Oct 27, check out from immigration and walked out to the main road and hopped on a bus. It took about 30 - 40 minutes or a bit longer to reach Aonang beach. It is one of the most developed area and it is also where most of the tourists gather. But the action only happens at night, during the day the whole street is basically empty.
Aonang on my right

Aonang on left

I stayed at the Golden Beach Resort. I made my reservation through and landed myself with a 3 +1 promotion for the price of $129.62, including breakfast.
I was amazed when I went into my room. I was given a king size bed, how nice if I was there with someone I loved. Without wasting any time, I change into something comfortable and went to the nearest Tourist Information to check out their local tour packages. 
Tourist Information Booth can be located easily anywhere on the island.
Remember, you can always bargain for a better price. By the time I was done selecting it was already evening. Decided to get an early dinner and have an early rest. I have selected island hopping as my first activity the next day. Can't wait for it as it will be my first time riding on a speed boat.
The beach in front of Golden Beach Resort ~ evening view
Long tail boat along Aonang beach ~ evening view

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