Monday, August 9, 2010

Krabi Island - 3


By the time I woke up, it was already the third day of my trip. Whoa, the island hopping really drained all the energy in me. Thought of having a short rest but ended up sleeping thru the night.

I was worried when I saw the van waiting downstairs already. It seems I was not the last one, thank goodness. I got myself a leisure tour around the island for my third day.
I would like to introduce our guide Ms Pai. The first thing she said, "Dear all, please do not be alarm with my apperance. I may look different but I am good with what I am doing".
Er er er, how can I comment. . . .

Our first stop is the temple. I wasn't paying attention to her when she was explaning. One of the reason was I couldn't make out most of the words she said. Most of the time she was flirting around with the French tourists.
So I just went on and took photos.
Behing are the stairs leading to a hill behind the temple.
Huff and Puff . . . . . Nah, I stayed back :P
Little Buddha's all the way up the hill
That's a grumpy one.

We drag a bit longer here at the temple because some were still not back yet from the hill top. Next is lunch nearby the hot spring area.
Here, our Diva explaining the benefit of the hot spring.
We went in for a dip for about 10 minutes before moving on to the next spot, Emerald Pool.
Map ~ Nature Trails
Yurp, Emerald Pool this is. Nothing to wow.

A few tourists and I didn't join the Elephant Tracking, the final activity for the tour. We opted to go back into town.

After a day of activity, I needed something to cool down.
Yurp, a cold beer will do. Since I didn't get a chance to walk about the night before, I decided to head out to Aonang street after that.

Goodness me, the crowd here in the evening is totally different during the day. I decided not to take my camera out because I had earlier planned to have a free day on my fourth day so I am going to drink to my maximum at the local bar.
Yum Seng!!!

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