Sunday, August 1, 2010

My first 5km run

The day for our run has arrived and we are very excited about it. About a month ago, BS and I decided to sign up for the Men's Health Night Run 2010. Along the way I got my colleagues to sign up, in total there are 9 of us.

We decided to start our journey to venue (Putrajaya) early since we are not familiar with that area. We arrive about 5:30pm. The run is at 8:00pm that is how early we are. Maybe it's our first time and we do not want to miss out any action before the run.
The start point for the A to E category.

This is our start point for the fun run category.

To kill time, we checked out few of the sponsor's booth.
Juice Work giving free drink (small cup only, to try).
Main sponsor of the event.
Healthy snack bar.
Professionals waiting to assist. We guys do want to look good too ya.
Oh, hotdog . . . My favourite. . .
Used to be my favourite brand during my secondary years.

Strolling along we saw the MIX FM crew. BS and Angeline, a colleague of mine took part in one of their mini game.
The crew setting up.
BS and Angeline paying attention to the instruction given.
To be honest, I was not sure what the game was about. All I heard was BOMB here BOMB there.

We headed back to the center stage and were just in time to catch the pole dancing performance; sorry no picture ~ forgot ~ was too busy admiring the performance.
After that, two trainers from True Fitness took the stage and gave us a warm up by doing a track from Body Step.

We met up with other colleagues after the warm up session by the hotdog stand. How could we resist and ended up sharing one with BS.
Angeline, Mai Li and May Wan (taken right after our hotdog session and another 45 minutes to our run)

Amy couldn't join the run as she was not feeling well. Don't be sad, we can do some other runs soon.

Amy's bf, Jacky, doing some stretching. He was the only person in our group that is doing this for the second time. He participated in the MH Run 2009.

Just look at the crowd. Thank goodness we have mobile phone. If not I will have no idea on how to locate if one of us are lost.

It's time for us to check in and get ready for the run. We were directed towards the start point and I felt we were like sheep and cows being led towards the slaughter house. Nah, am just exaggerating.

Flagged off at 8:20pm.

Grouped back around 9:30pm.

Said our goodbye and left with tired legs and empty tummy. We headed down to Puchong for our dinner cum supper. By the time BS and I reach home it's already midnight.

Thought I could get a good rest but somehow sleep won't come hence my late night posting.

Oh yeah, the race ended with a goodie bag.

And in the goodie bag we have this

Last but not least, our certificate (without name, have to get a good friend with good hand writing to help)

It was a good experience for me. I was worried that my asthma would attack me in the middle of the run. I controlled my breathing and I completed the run without an attack. I am so happy and proud that I did it.

I will definitely be back for 2011 run. Till then, I will try to find some runs and challenge myself for a longer distance.


  1. didnt really run for a long time edy.. haha.. im lazy =P

  2. Maybe you could do it again. Shall invite you when we decide for the next run.

  3. Looks like fun! And I like Reebok now more than Nike or Adidas... at least they have my size and cheaper too.

  4. it was and we had a great time (fun + excersize). Hmm, this is my first run so am not sure about the other brands.
    i shall count you in for the next run :)

  5. was great, glad you complete the run...yum!!!

  6. there you are. i was wondering when will i see your first comment.

    you did great too, next want to challenge the 10km? (i will stick back to 5km till i am more ready :P)

  7. haha, maybe next year i will also be going there without running... yeah~!

    - Amy29 -


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