Friday, July 30, 2010

Woof Woof

I would like to intro two of my best friend, Baby on the left and Goldy of the right. There is a reason why they are named that way. Baby has always been the manja type since we got her and Goldy has this glitteing gold coat on him when he is out in the sun. By the way, they are brother and sister.

In total there are seven of them in my home, Ipoh. one of them is a Golden Retriever. I will try to post them up soon. I am working in KL and I misses them dearly. Too bad my I am staying in a condo and dogs are not allowed, sigh. . .

It's alright I think, it will be something for me to look forward too whenever I go back home for a visit.


  1. Yurp.
    1. Lizzie
    2. Baby
    3. Goldy
    4. Paula
    5. Jolly
    6. Little White (read in cantonese)
    7. Fifi

  2. My goodness, 7 is too many, even for me, a dog lover!! LOL Salute!

  3. they are small dogs and have good behavior, easy to care but it does take a lot of dedication and devotion. they are my mum priceless jewel, i salute to my mum too :)


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