Sunday, December 5, 2010

Purple, Silver & White

Here we are, it's that time of the year again, the one that I have been looking forward too since begining of the year. Finally, I can happily say out loud that I own my Christmas tree. Although it's not a real tree, the meaning of having one is huge to me.

Again, I must say thank you to BS for making all this a reality.

The hunt for a tree started last week. From Mid Valley to Petaling Street and all the way to Ikea, finally we found one in Mutiara Tesco. It's a 7 feet tree at the price of RM129.90 (the feeling was like, yes ~ this is the one regardless the price).

After that, a trip to Jusco One Utama, Metrojaya and a few other places for the ornaments.

It came to me that it wasn't an easy task from getting a tree to setting up one. Thank goodness I have someone at home that knows what he's doing.
The last weekend was entirely used up for the tree. We found out that the LED lights was not enough to cover the tree and off we go to get additonals.

We tend to get extra ornaments here and there for the tree throughout the week ~ over budget!!! Well, it's our first tree so why not. At least we do not have to spend more on ornaments for next year ~ tee hee hee.
Glittering away ~ blink blink ~ taken using Sony DSLR 380
 Purple, silver and white was the theme for our tree. Ohh, I almost forgot to introduce WOOF WOOF ~
I don't know why but he's named Woof right after BS set eyes on him.
And now, I would like to present our tree, standing tall right here in the middle of the hall ~ our PRIDE!!!
From a plain green fake tree, it transformed into something so beautiful ~ taken using Sony DSLR 380


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