Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sample Itinerary ~ After much procrastination on it (Taiwan)

Initially, I didn’t specifically choose Taiwan to be our holiday destination. In fact, I didn’t know where to go.

BS has been to Taiwan twice and told me load of stories, which sparked my interest about the island and coincidently AirAsia was having a promo (return at RM581.50 per person) and that initiated the trip.

The trip is coming near and the itineray is still no where complete. I have visited a few sites for information but still I couldn't get it organised. Maybe it's my character, goes with the flow and tend to do what I like on that particular day.

BS kept reminding me about the itinerary now and then and I kept procrastinating on it. It's right of BS to insist on the itinerary as it will certainly help in terms of saving time and cost when we are there.

Took some time and re-visited a few sites before I came out with the following itinerary. Most of the information I have obtained from http://kampungboycitygal.com/ , http://adamsmode.blogspot.com/ , http://taipeihostel.blogspot.com/ and http://jy-s.com/category/travel/taiwan/ .

Day 1 (Thursday)
- Arrival
- Shilin Night Market

Day 2 (Fri)

- Danshui
- Beitou
- Fisherman's Wharf
- Taipei Metro Mall

Day 3 (Sat)

- National Palace Museum
- Lunch at P.S. Bubu
- Shopping at Tienmu
- Shinkong Mitsukoshi
- Ximending
- Dinner at Modern Toilet Restaurant

Day 4 (Sun)
- Hualien

Day 5 (Mon)
- Din Tai Fung at Xinyi Rd
- Ice Monster at Yongkang St
- Taipei 101
- New York New York, Eslite Bookstore
- Wufenpu
- Raohe Night Market

Day 6 (Tue)
- Yehliu
- Jiufen
- Jinguashi
- Keelung (Miaokou Night Market)

Day 7 (Wed)
Home Sweet Home


  1. Here's something to help on your Taiwan itinerary.

    Scroll down and find Taiwan 2009. :)

  2. hehe gonna curi some of ur itinerary as i haven draft mine too hahaha

  3. can share with you :)
    stay tune ya, i will put up the confirm itinerary soon :)

  4. wow..nicely plan eh~ enjoy your trip and its a very nice weathr~


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